About Immunocept

Immunocept Medical Products is a clinical stage medical device company with a platform blood filtration therapy for severe sepsis and other diseases of destructive inflammation. Our first target is the $1 billion plus severe sepsis market. We have 11 US patents, finished clinical devices and IDE approval for our feasibility study. We seek $2.5 million for this clinical study and development of related products.

Management Team

James Matson, MD

President & CMO

Jim Wesloh, CPA

Business Manager

Roshana Ahmed, RAC

Regulatory Affairs

Amanda Gardner

Clinical Affairs

Sepsis is the #1 killer of Intensive Care Unit patients

Sepsis 1Sepsis and other life-threatening inflammatory diseases are a critical treatment challenge because of rapid and uncontrolled emergence of inflammatory mediators. These ratchet up a highly destructive immune response that can attack human vital organs causing severe damage, frequently leading to death.

Severe sepsis is the #1 killer of Intensive Care Unit patients and the lives it doesn’t take it often ruins through survivor disability. When severe sepsis strikes, effective treatment must begin in a very few hours to turn the tide of inflammatory injury. It is precisely for this reason that Immunocept was launched.

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Immunocept Has Developed a Next-Generation Hemofiltration Therapy

Hemofiltration is a form of therapeutic blood filtration initially designed for kidney failure. Work over the past two decades has demonstrated that hemofiltration is currently the best treatment option available to modulate the immune system’s heightened call-to-action by removing inflammatory mediators through a controlled filtration process. In many cases, hemofiltration can dampen the destructive inflammatory response reversing organ failures and preventing death.

Immunocept has developed a next-generation hemofiltration therapy based on an optimized filter unit – the SeptiFluxTM – that should rapidly remove a broader range of inflammatory mediators under significantly improved operational parameters. The SeptiFluxTM is intended to reboot the immune system so it appropriately fights infection and does not fatally injure the patient. The SeptiFluxTM is expected to dramatically improve a patient’s chances for survival, diminish the serious disabilities that frequently affect sepsis survivors and reduce the high costs of care.


The SeptiFluxTM is a hollow fiber, very large-pore membrane blood filter that differs from other hemofilters because it is designed to remove a significant fraction of every type and size of inflammatory signal circulating in the blood. Other filters can only remove a smaller subset of inflammatory mediators which limits efficacy. Preclinical studies in animal sepsis models showed that a prototype large-pore hemofilter substantially decreased mortality and improved clinical condition compared with conventional hemofilters.


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Based on preclinical data, Immunocept believes that SeptiFluxTM will rapidly abate destructive inflammatory activity which should deliver the following improvements in care and outcomes for severe sepsis patients:

  • Substantial reduction in mortality rate

  • Prevention or rapid reversal of organ failures

  • Material reduction in the need for rehabilitation and extended care

  • Material reduction in life support days, and ICU days and hospital days resulting in reduced hospital costs

  • Survivorship with:

    – More frequent & earlier resumption of previous activities of daily living e.g., school, work or self-care
    – Better health i.e. reduced downstream illness and hospitalization
    – Longer life-expectancy

SeptiFlux™ is currently under investigational study and is not available for sale in the US or other countries at this time.  Please check back for future updates.